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Kurs: International Law and the Internet

Freitag, 31.08.2018

Vom 2. bis zum 4. Oktober 2018 findet erneut der beliebte Kurs "International Law and the Internet" von Dr. Matthias C. Kettemann, LL.M. (Harvard) statt!

Die Kursbeschreibung des auf Englisch abgehaltenen Kurses lautet wie folgt:

"The course investigates the role of (international) law (and social and legal norms more generally) in solving legal, political, social and economic conflicts related to the Internet and the distribution of power and goods in the information society. We will analyze key concept related to the norms, ruling (justification) narratives and practices of states, companies and individuals on (and pertaining to) the Internet. We will then focus on intricate legal problems of the Internet age. Among the topics we will discuss are cyber-war, cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime; Internet surveillance and data protection; freedom of expression online and its limits; changing conceptions of privacy and evolving notions of private and public spaces; the (illusory) utopian role of social media; and the right to access the Internet."

Ist Ihr Interesse geweckt? Dann finden Sie im PDF unten umfangreiche Informationen zum Kurs, inklusive Ablaufplan und Themen!

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