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Members of the Institute research and publish on questions of international law and the law of international organizations. The focus of research is on, inter alia, the maintenance of inter­national peace and security, ius ad bellum, ius in bello, human security, universal and regional human rights law, minority protection, the right to self-determination, democracy and inter­national law, international criminal law, international environmental law, international asylum, refugee and migration law, and international legal questions relating to specific regional areas (particularly Southeast Europe, the Middle East and Africa). Furthermore, attention is given to selected fields of EU law and politics, as well as to international law aspects of domestic law, international relations, social media and artificial intelligence.

The Institute carries out research projects (mostly in cooperation with domestic and international partners) funded by, inter alia, the Austrian Science Fund, the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs, and the European Union.

Information on publications and other research output by members of the Institute may be accessed through the Research Portal of the University of Graz.



Manuela Rusz

Institut für Völkerrecht und Internationale Beziehungen
Universitätsstraße 15/A4
8010 Graz

Fax:+43 316 380 - 3418

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