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Telders International Law Moot Court


Attention: Applications (CV and letter of motivation in English) for the participation in the 45th edition of the TMC are to be submitted electronically to Manuela Rusz until 15.09.2021!


The "Telders Moot Court" is the largest moot court in Europe in the English language in the field of general public international law. In 2022 the competition will celebrate its 45th edition. During June every year, more than 40 teams from across Europe participate in the final rounds in The Hague, the Netherlands. Prominent academics and practicing lawyers participate as judges during the final rounds.

The subject matter always concerns a fictional dispute between two States before the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The language of the proceedings is English. The case (‚compromis‘), which is always distributed in September/October each year, concerns pertinent contemporary issues of general international law. As each country can only be represented by one team during the Telders Moot Court, national elimination rounds have to take place when more than one team per country has enrolled. 

At the last 44th edition of the Telders Moot Court 2021, the Graz team ranked 2nd place in the category "highest overall score" of a total of 32 participating teams from all over Europe. In order to prepare for the final rounds, the Institute of International Law and International Relations organised a Pre-Moot Court for practice purposes with teams from Düsseldorf and Budapest. The students of the team Graz received valuable support from a rhetoric trainer in preparation for their oral pleadings. The participats of the 44th edition described their experience around the Telders Moot Court 2021 as one of the most formative and instructive of their studies and highly recommend the participation (read the full statements of the Graz students here and here)!

How does it work?

A Moot Court-Team consists of a maximum of four participants, divided into two teams that represent the two State parties. A University team writes these "memorials" for both State parties and the oral pleadings are prepared by the team as a whole.

The Moot Court stretches over two semesters (amounting to 10 ETCS). In the winter semester 2021/22 the written "memorials" will be prepared, which are to be submitted in late January/February 2022. The preparation of the "memorials" is relatively labour intensive and comparable to a demanding seminar paper. 

Thereafter, in the summer semester 2022, follows the preparation of the oral pleadings. Team members have to be able to present their oral arguments in English within a short time-frame, while also addressing piercing questions by the "judges", in a clear and precise fashion.

Advantages of the Telders Moot Court

  • Deepening knowledge in public international law
  • Intensive practice in rhetorical and argumentation skills
  • Intensive practice in the application of legal terminology in the English language
  • Participation in team work
  • Gaining of international experience


  • Interested students should send a letter of motivation as well as a curriculum vitae (in English) electronically in PdF form to voelkerrecht(at)uni-graz.at and manuela.rusz(at)uni-graz.at, indicating „TMC 2021/22“ as subject matter. The deadline for submission is 15.09.2021.
  • Due to the fact that every national Telders Moot Court team may consist of a maximum of four students, selected students will be invited to a brief discussion. This will take place in the last week of September 2021.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to have completed the subject "Völkerrecht und Recht internationaler Beziehungen (217.010, Allgemeines und Besonderes Völkerrecht)".
  • Since this course lasts for a full academic year, the TMC are only accessible to students who commit themselves to the competition for the full academic year 2021/ 22.

Case example of the last TMC 2021: 

  • Case (FORIA V. COSTAT)



Manuela Rusz

Institut für Völkerrecht und Internationale Beziehungen
Universitätsstraße 15/A4
8010 Graz

Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 3418

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